Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Recap

Wow... what a weekend.  The Super Bowl was quite a least what I saw of it which wasn't much!!  Joe and I packed around 25 of our friends into our Wicker Park condo for the game.  
The invite asked guests to bring their favorite brew and we would provide all of the Super Bowl snacks.  ((I may have gone a little bit overboard!))  PINTEREST overboard!  There were so many great Super Bowl inspired treats pinned over the last few weeks I couldn't resist.  I am happy to say that all were loved by my friends.  

Here are a couple of favorites:
Football Deviled Eggs: These cuties gets their laces from zesty chives.  It was a little time-consuming (and frustrating at times) but everyone loved them!  
Mini Caprese Bites:  I will definitely make these bad boys again!!  I love how these Trader Joe's mini heirloom tomatoes add such a fun pop of color!!  This was a big crowd favorite!
Football Iced Cupcakes:  Now I am not a baker so I used a box mix for these sweet treats.  However I did make my own chocolate buttercream for the icing.  I find homemade buttercream sets up much better than the store bought kind!
Individual Seven Layer Dip:  I think this was by far the snack that received the most compliments.  Everyone kept saying, "why haven't I thought of this?"  That's exactly what I thought when I spotted it on Pinterest last month.  I would recommend these for any party! 
Veggie Cups:  This was another crowd-pleaser and so easy to put together.  I think it will be a staple for my shin-digs from now on!
Baked Spinach Dip Mini Bread Bowls:  This was my favorite bite of the night!!  It was pretty simple to make and sooooo yummy to eat!!  Again, another staple on my party menus from now on!!

What did you make for Super Bowl this year??

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