Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pet Therapy

Meet the two loves of my life...

Joe and Ruby
My fiance enjoys a cuddle with our dog Ruby every day after work.  Like clockwork he walks through the door of our Chicago condo, kicks off his shoes, lies down on the couch and Ruby hops up on his chest.  The entire event is frustrating for me... you know, the person who feeds, walks and pets the dog all day only to be ignored the moment Joe walks through the door.  (So this is what it is like to be second favorite?)

Any given Tuesday
If you are a dog owner, or really any kind of pet owner, you know the power of our furry friends to drain away all of the day's stress and frustrations.  It is almost like magic.  Almost immediately after that big wet nose nuzzles up to Joe he melts into a completely relaxed state.  Plus it is so adorable!!!


Not surprisingly quite a few dogs have been recognized in the news recently for their therapeutic puppy love skills.   The Associated Press just wrote an article about a therapy dog named Ella helping college students cope with the stress of exams.  The pooch has been helping nervous test-takers at the University of Arizona.  Close to 150 students sought out Ella's soothing sessions before taking their big final exams.


Therapy Dog Ella (Courtesy: Carol Ann Alaimo  /  AP via MSNBC)
A 9-year old lab mix named Daisy was just featured by the Naperville Sun for helping sick senior citizens.  The pup spends her days visiting an Alzheimer's unit where the nurses report patients show huge improvement after a few therapy "petting" sessions.

Certified Pet Therapist Grover Cleveland via KMEG
Then there is basset hound Grover Cleveland who made his debut on KMEG in Sioux Falls, Iowa.  He is a certified and trained pet therapist who has been helping patients relax for the past few months. (Look at that face!!!)


Ruby (un-certified pet therapist)

Back in Chicago, Ruby may not be curing cancer or helping the seriously ill... but she is providing the power of puppy love.  Thank goodness she doesn't charge!

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  1. This post really touched my heart. Ruby is such a cute little dog. My husband has a similar routine at the end of the evening with our dog Jasper. I swear my own bloodpressure goes down just watching them :o) Thanks for reminding me of the value of this special time.