Thursday, December 22, 2011

Packing up Presents for Christmas Travel

So like many folks out there I am preparing to pack up and head home for the holidays.  Specifically my soon-to-be in-law's home in South Western Michigan.  Ever since we moved to Chicago two years ago we have enjoyed the quick three hour journey to visit with his parents and the holidays is no exception.  With two adults and a dog packing us up is never really a problem... but Christmas means presents... lots and lots of wrapped presents!!  

I love, love, love all of the wrapping options at World Market!!!

 Ladies (and some Gentlemen) you will understand my struggle!  I spent hours and hours of time personally wrapping these gifts to give our family for the holidays.  I picked out every bow, craft-fully curled every ribbon and color coordinated every box and piece of wrapping paper.  

Our Home Depot Christmas Tree :-)

 All of these beautifully packages have been sitting nicely under my decorated tree as if straight out of Norman Rockwell's Christmas.

Got these amazing gift tags from Target!!

Now I am "presented" (PUN VERY MUCH INTENDED) with the problem of shoving my Christmas lovelies in bags then in a car only to be wrinkled and warped when we arrive in Michigan.  THIS WILL NOT DO PEOPLE!!! I know Christmas is about spirit and family and blah blah blah but I am not doing to sacrifice my picturesque presents.  BY THE NAME OF SAINT NICK I REFUSE!

When I submitted my present predicament "PACKING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS IN THE CAR" to the Google gods this is what I got:


Church Gift Drive 

Present Stealing Gang 

Christmas Gift Hampers


AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT... I am engaged to a PACKAGING ENGINEER! You heard right, Joe makes his dough wrapping stuff and packaging it to be sent far and wide.  Recently his focus has been on oats but today he has been enlisted to help in OPERATION: PRESENT PACKING. Like most men he knows what happens if the mission fails... he is stuck with me pouting around his parents house!

What we had to pack

Joe Packaging Pro's Advice for Packing Presents:

1.   Obviously heavy stuff on the bottom (luggage, dog cage, etc.)

2.  Pack items likely to get smashed in something non-smashable like a laundry basket

3. Tuck gift bags into open spaces

4.  Gift boxes can be placed on their sides... just be careful of the contents

Joe's hard work
 Well we are off.... wish us luck!!  AND good luck with packing up your presents! 

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